Frederick B. Mills
Translation of Polling Data by Hinterlaces


The Venezuelan think tank and polling firm, Hinterlaces, released results of polling data gathered from December 21 through January 27, 2015 using a sample of 1200 interviews. The data sample, which is drawn from telephone numbers, covers the national territory. Interviewees were asked if they agree, disagree with the statements. Margin of error +/- 2.7%.

Summary of results:

94% agree that “it is necessary to call for dialog and unity of all Venezuelans as a way of resolving the country’s problems.” 5% disagree and 1% did not know or did not answer.

96% agree that “the government ought to meet principally with the business sector to resolve the problems of the country.” 3% disagree and 1% did not know or did not answer.

53% agree that “the commercial and business sector is taking advantage of the economic crisis to hoard and engage in price speculation.” 45% disagree and 2% do not know or did not answer.

84% agree that “the government should impose a “mano dura” (get tough policy) to combat hoarding and speculation.” 14% disagree and 2% are undecided.

78% agree that “the solution to our economic problems is to establish a productive socialist economy with the participation of private enterprise.” 20% disagree and 2% do not know or did not answer.

56% agree that “if the government resolves the problem of shortages and reduces the cost of living, it can win the next parliamentary elections.” 40% disagree and 2% do not know or are undecided.

32% agree that “a government of the opposition would benefit the poor more than a Chavista government.” 53% disagree and 15% are undecided or did not answer.

73% agree with those who say “today the opposition is very divided.” 23% disagree and 4% do not know or are undecided.

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