CELAC–China Meetings in Beijing: Towards a Multi-Polar World

The CELAC meetings in Beijing have already resulted in tens of billions in Chinese investment in Latin America, more than 20 billion in Venezuela alone. This partnership for human development is not a subordination, in any political sense, of Latin America to China; Latin America has had enough of that in its 500 years of struggle for independence and sovereignty. Rather, the drive to form and augment these institutionalized relationships are part of the legacy of Hugo Chavez, who visited China in 2009 and said, “we are creating a new world, a balanced world … a multipolar world.” This vision of promoting a multi-polar world aims at created a balance of forces in the world such that no one power block will be able to subordinate any region of the world to its will. As UNASUR secretary general, former president of Colombia has insisted in a recent speech, UNASUR will not subordinate itself to any power block on earth, but form its own regional block that will deal only on terms of equal sovereignty with other nations.
Cerrando-acuerdos-para-ampliar-nuestra-producción-d-computadorastabletas-y-celularesSource: Correo de Orinoco

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