Venezuela Seeks to Increase Agricultural and Industrial Production

Assembly Meeting: Yaracuy, Asociación Cooperativa de Producción Mixta Aracal

The Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela is facing its greatest economic and political challenge since the death of the “supreme leader” in March 2013. Falling oil prices have only exacerbated the crisis. It appears, from the Plan to Recuperate the Economy, that President Nicolas Maduro is committed to maintaining the missions (social programs), though cuts to the federal budget will be necessary. His administration realizes that an all out effort at increased agricultural production and industrialization, currency exchange reform, continuing to fight corruption, and more control over the import sector, are urgent priorities to begin to reverse the recession and put the country on a sustainable footing. In the meantime both the Chavista base and their allies in the state are bracing for any further attempts at extra-constitutional regime change.

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